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Mar. 16th The Importance of Your Car’s Muffler

Service for Mufflers in Murfreesboro, TN

Although they look as if their primary function is to expel exhaust, mufflers actually have many other functions that are beneficial to your automobile. As you drive your car around, your engine–though working efficiently–produces a lot of pulsating noise. This is due to the exhaust valves opening up and releasing gas that’s extremely pressurized. These sounds travel to the exhaust pipe of your vehicle where the noise grows significantly louder. This is where the muffler comes into play. The muffler was made to minimize any noises made by the high-pressure gas. However, this is not the only thing that mufflers do. If you need service for your muffler, contact Murfreesboro Auto Repair, today!  Our ASE Certified auto mechanics provide service for mufflers in Murfreesboro, TN. Our AAA approved and recommended auto shop also provides emissions troubleshooting, automotive tune-ups, engine repair and more. Our emissions troubleshooting tune-up services and benefits include emissions test tune-ups, basic tune-ups, auto repair, service and maintenance, diagnostics, 4-year warranty and ASE Certified Technicians. Call and come see us in Murfreesboro!

Here are the two most important factors that your muffler provides to your vehicle:

Mufflers & Exhaust: To regulate engine noise and work their silencing magic, mufflers are installed in line with a vehicles exhaust pipe. Within the muffler, there are perforated tubes and chambers that used to specifically reduce engine noise. As the noise travels to the muffler, the high-frequency sounds bounce against the different chambers. When this occurs, the sound waves actually begin to create opposing sound waves that completely cancel each other out. How’s that for science? As the sounds cancel each other out, the exhaust continues to flow straight forward. Since mufflers are made to regulate the noises that derive from your engine, muffler manufacturers have also made a wide variety of mufflers that have specific chambers that allow the traveling sound waves to make a specific noise. So, for those car aficionados who love to amplify their sports car or trucks engine noise to a hefty growl, there are specific mufflers that allow them to do that.

Maximizes Car Performance: The second important aspect of a muffler is that it actually helps to maximize your vehicle’s overall performance. As your muffler works to rid your pipes of exhaust, it also takes in fresh air–oxygen–in order to generate more power. The faster this process occurs the more efficient your car will run. So, in order for your car to have maximum and efficient performance, your muffler must have high-functioning exhaust flow.

Additionally, in most states, mufflers are a common car requirement since there are an abundance of state laws that govern both air and noise pollution. However, you’ll always find that car or two that zips past you with a loud and fierce growl emitting from their muffler.

As an essential part of a car, there a wide variety of mufflers that are designed for different purposes. There are some mufflers that completely silence any noise that’s created by your engine, and there are also some that are created with the specific configurations for those who love the fast and the furious.

As you see, mufflers play a very important role in your vehicle’s overall functionality. In order to properly regulate engine noise and allow your car to work to its maximum performance, always be sure to keep your muffler in excellent condition.